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about our philosophy

Africa infrastructural and economic development in this 21st century is solely dependent on Africans in the diaspora. 

You will agree with me that there is no country or
continent that witness development today without the active
involvement of her citizens in the diaspora. Africa development
process will not be an exception and we have seen this
happening already.


Empowering men, women and youths to improve their livelihood through skill training, career counselling, employment opportunity, information disseminating and application of knowledge and general education; in other to transform their potentials to prosperity.


To see immigrants and Canadian citizens of Africa descents living in Canada maximizing their potentials and to make our great Africa countries to go back to our ancients landmark of being an envy of the developed nations of the world.

Core Values

ACADEC core values are Focus, Innovation, Determination and opportunity (FIDO). F.I.D.O have been the bedrock and secret of our progress so far. All our strategic plans have been centered around these 4 major value systems.

What We Build

Our Esteem services to serve our community

ACADEC commitment to Africans in Canada and to Africa as a continent is depicted
with four letter word “M.I.D.E” meaning, MIGRATION, INTEGRATION, DEVELOPMENT and EDUCATION.



One of the major characteristics of human being is movement. Movement from one region to another is inevitable.



ACADEC will periodically organize training workshop and seminars for new comers in Canada to help with integration.

Tasks for business development


Seeing African continent listed among the developed nations of the world is one of the reasons we existence.



Any country that will embrace development either socially, economically  must take education as a priority.

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COVID-19 pandemic succeeded in keeping us apart for few years. Our tailor-made trainings programs, practical-oriented workshops and informative conferences have their shares of the blow too. Post-COVID 19, We are now back but stronger and better.

First Africa Development Conference  TAG “ADC 2023” THEME “Africa….from Aids and Development to Trades and Investments” DATE 24th – 26th, August, 2023 VENUE Niagara