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Our main focus and services at African-Canadian Development Cooperation (ACADEC) are to Africans in Canada by helping them in easy and quick integration into Canadian society. Many find this journey of “knowing what to do” so difficult in a new environment like Canada because of their inability to have access to the right people or the right information. While I was working at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, I saw this happening all the time. A lot of people coming to our office then had made some irreversible mistakes in the name of “someone told me to”. Life is too short and precious to be used as an experiment. One can gamble with money, that’s okay; but not with one’s life. Interestingly, life has no duplicate, why waste it then? This has to stop and someone has to champion the cause and that is the reason we are here.

In the same vein, ACADEC's vision outside Canada is to see to the development of our great continent, Africa. We want to join other Africans that left Africa but did not let Africa leave their mind. Many of them really want to give back to Africa but “how-to” is the major question that needs to be answered. The most potent development tool, yet most neglected, are Africans in the Diaspora who are professionals; but it is unfortunate that African Governments do not make use of these great assets in their development processes. Most of us are pillars that are supporting various sections of the economy in our land of sojourn. The present minister of Immigration, Citizenship, and Refugee in Canada, Ahmed Hussen is a Somalian who migrated to Canada in 1996 and studied to be trained as a lawyer in the University of Ottawa. He later joined politics and now one of the first ten Citizens in Canada. There are countless examples of Canadian citizens of African descents that are great achievers like him in their various field of specialization, not only in Canada but they are littered throughout western countries.

We at ACADEC have a very great vision but we cannot do it all alone. We need the support of every one of you in making our dream a reality. Any African coming to this great country, Canada as from now need not pass through all the hurdles we have passed through. It is not necessary any longer and also very dangerous this time around. Many things have changed during the course of time. Many a time people don’t only learn from their mistakes as many people do say. I have seen people’s mistakes cripple them and they never come of out it because the mistakes they made are irreversible. I have seen lots of people get deported just because of a simple but devastating wrong decision they made. Also, we believe so much in Africa economic development, and the next generation that will bring back the past glory of this great continent that is flowing with milk and honey is you and me that are presently in Diaspora. Please let’s rise-up to this challenge. Contribute your own quota. Give us suggestions. Let us feel we are in your mind. Give us encouraging calls. Be identified with our visions. Respond to our calls when need arise. Be our mouthpiece in our community. Proclaim our good works and lastly donate towards our cause. Sooner, Africa and Africans will get to her dream destination. Together, we can make Africa great again.

Thank You!

Stephen O Akinbile
Executive Director


We are committed to easy integration of Canadians and immigrants of African descent into Canada system, while we are passionate about Africa sustainable development by Africa-in-disapora professionals.


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    Toronto, ON
    M3N 2S5. Canada
  • Email: info@africandevelopment.ca
  • Website: www.africandevelopment.ca
  • Toll Free:+1 888 737 0810 (North America Only)
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