One of the major characteristics of human being is movement. Movement from one region to another is inevitable. Migration started when the world began, and it will continue until the world ceases to exist. We divide migration into two main sub-heading Immigration and Emigration.


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ACADEC will periodically organize training workshop and seminars for Africans living in Canada. We have various topics and issues that will help your easy integration and stability into the Canadian system and society. These workshops are for both new immigrants in Canada and the people that are

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Seeing countries from the African continent listed among the developed nations of the world is one of the major reasons for our existence. Partnering with grass root charitable and community development organizations in African countries is one of our major strategies in fulfilling our mandates.

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Any country that will embrace development either socially, economically or politically must take education as a priority. Education is not only free; it is compulsory up to the age of 16 in every province in Canada. Yes that right. It is COMPULSORY. That shows the value that is placed on educatio

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We depend on students, Canadians and Africans that share our vision. They give their knowledge and skills in making this vision a reality. We provide opportunities for internships, Co-op programs and also avail volunteers with the opportunity to get credit for community development programs.

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Institutional Collaboration

ACADEC forms partnership with institutions, organizations and associations that share the same vision and value with us.

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Join our Board

ACADEC Volunteer Board of Directors oversee the organization's activities; and ensure staffs and volunteers stay focused on realizing our visions, both here in Canada and in Africa.

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Become our Consultant

We are presently compiling a list of legal practitioners and development experts of African descents, irrespective of their location around the world that will work for us on pro bono basis in Canada. They will also be the first set of people to contact when project works begin in Africa.

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We are committed to easy integration of Canadians and immigrants of African descent into Canada system, while we are passionate about Africa sustainable development by Africa-in-disapora professionals.


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