Seeing countries from the African continent listed among the developed nations of the world is one of the major reasons for our existence. Partnering with grass root charitable and community development organizations in African countries is one of our major strategies in fulfilling our mandates. If need be, we will partner with State/Province, Regional or Municipal governments to execute our programs and projects if it is the best approach in making our impact a sustainable one.

Why choose us

We are unique in our operational approaches to our services. Doing the same thing others do, but in different ways.

Constantly thinking out of the box in our problem solving methodologies of complex issues.

Our wealth of experience with midas touch service makes us a unique organization.

"It is a product of continuous improvement" This is our hallmark, and this is what we stand for all the time.


We are committed to easy integration of Canadians and immigrants of African descent into Canada system, while we are passionate about Africa sustainable development by Africa-in-disapora professionals.


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