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One of the major characteristics of human being is movement. Movement from one region to another is inevitable. Migration started when the world began, and it will continue until the world ceases to exist. We divide migration into two main sub-heading Immigration and Emigration.

Immigration: Majority of African people residing in African countries want to come to Canada. ACADEC will not discourage them from doing so. We will also assist them in making their vision a reality. Traveling stands to be one of the major ways to learn. Someone even said, traveling is part of education. It is our belief that coming to this part of the world will be an eye opener to them and we are here to lend a helping hand to many that desire to do so. Still on immigration to Canada, all Africa citizens in Canada are a living proof. We have stayed here long enough to see remarkable impacts that coming to this part of the world have made in our lives. So if anyone is willing to immigrate to Canada, we have certified and experienced immigration counsels that could help them. This ranges from students’ admission into Colleges and Universities, writing invitation letters, family sponsorship to immigrating under Economic and Business class.

Emigration: Our personal survey reveals that over 50% of first generation Africans living in Canada want to go back to their countries of origin during their old age. Some even want to leave earlier but, the fear of the unknown and how to take the first step is holding them back. We have good news for you. With our network of contacts and people, both here in Canada and back home, you can emigrate back home with peace of mind. Different people move back home for different reasons so please feel free to contact us in our office and we will make your dream a reality. It will be nice if you give us a call or send us an email to book an appointment.


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We are unique in our operational approaches to our services. Doing the same thing others do, but in different ways.

Constantly thinking out of the box in our problem solving methodologies of complex issues.

Our wealth of experience with midas touch service makes us a unique organization.

"It is a product of continuous improvement" This is our hallmark, and this is what we stand for all the time.


We are committed to easy integration of Canadians and immigrants of African descent into Canada system, while we are passionate about Africa sustainable development by Africa-in-disapora professionals.


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