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Who we are

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Who We Are


African-Canadian Development Cooperation (ACADEC) Canada is a non-governmental, non-political, not-for-profit, humanitarian and Africa development-focused organization registered with the government of Canada. Our existence is to see Africans living in Canada flourishing in all their endeavors. We at ACADEC Canada are set to assist you in any form to become whosoever you desire to be. It is our belief that each of us has a potential but the extent of the expression of individual potential depends on many factors. Some factors enhance it while others shadowed it from expression.

The 21st century has witnessed the involvement of Africans-in-diaspora in the economic development of our dearest continent like never before. Major businesses and corporations have been established by these visionaries that had a rethink and decided to give back to their root through investing in various ventures that create jobs and enhance development in various Africa countries. They have witnessed what is called civilization through continuous development in Canada and now replicating the same in their various countries of birth. ACADEC is also set to think in this direction and we are here to assist as many that want to move in the same direction. We are also going to set the pace as an organization in partnering with both local and international organizations in the establishment of community development projects and programs in Africa countries.

vision for the future

about our philosophy

Africa infrastructural and economic development in this 21st century is solely dependent on Africans in the diaspora. 

You will agree with me that there is no country or
continent that witness development today without the active
involvement of her citizens in the diaspora. Africa development
process will not be an exception and we have seen this
happening already.


Empowering men, women and youths to improve their livelihood through skill training, career counselling, employment opportunity, information disseminating and application of knowledge and general education; in other to transform their potentials to prosperity.


To see immigrants and Canadian citizens of Africa descents living in Canada maximizing their potentials and to make our great Africa countries to go back to our ancients landmark of being an envy of the developed nations of the world.

Core Values

ACADEC core values are Focus, Innovation, Determination and opportunity (FIDO). F.I.D.O have been the bedrock and secret of our progress so far. All our strategic plans have been centered around these 4 major value systems.